How To Use NFT cards

Each NFT Card Owner will be able to see Card skills in our NFT viewer.

NFT's Cards will be used in Dividends Kingdoms and NFT's Battles.

Dividends Kingdoms

Any NFT Cardholder will be able to boost earnings in the active layer dividends Kingdoms. In the current layer, madness kingdom.

Each card will have 1 valid boost per kingdom on each layer.

Example: If on Despair (Layer 3) we have 3 Gray kingdoms, you'll be able to use it once on each Gray Kingdom.

You'll be able to use that NFT card across all layers. Every time you use it, the card will gain more "experience". It Will increase "experience" skills. A card Holder Should be able to auction her/his NFT card.

How NFT boosting work in Dividend Kingdom (Gray Kingdom)

Each Card has a "Staking Power", which is the combination of each character's skills. This "staking power" will be added to your staking amount as:

When the reward is distributed at the end of the Gray kingdom, the investor will have its value plus the boosted percentage.

Let's check an example:

At this point, TVL without booting is $200. But because of Boosting, Investor 1 amount is: $100 + ($100 * 3.33%) = $103.3

So boosted TVL is = $103.33 + $100 = $203.33

Staking boost increases the stake amount of the investment in the staking power percentage.

Experience Card Skill

In each Reward Kingdom (Gray Kingdoms in Despair), a total experience value (TVE) will be assigned to the kingdom. It will be distributed in the same way as a reward among the members of the pool: according to the deposit + boosted.

NFT's Battles

NFT's Battles will have the following rules:

  • Any NFT Cardholder will be able to gamble only on their held card. It's called a corner.

  • With every cardholder using their card, their corner gets stronger.

  • Each battle will last 1-5 minutes.

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